remix song 2016 by DJ SODA korean

remix song 2016 by DJ SODA korean

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Published: 6 Agustus 2016

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remix song 2016 by DJ SODA korean

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This is a video to show you inside only 6 minutes how to DJ mix the use of solely your PC and barring paying a penny for software, hardware or equipment. Surely, the methods described here will be known as blasphemy by way of many DJs but for those considering giving DJing a try, this will be a terrific way to get began and see where things go from there. This video breaks the DJing method into 9 steps, some of which are dirt simple:1. Install Virtual DJ2. Get 2 songs, preferably dance track songs that have the words "club mix" or "extended mix" in their names3. Launch Virtual DJ4. Load the 2 songs into Virtual DJ, one on every deck5. Press Synch on one of the 2 decks to get the 2 songs to be at identical tempo6. Set Crossfader totally on the side of the deck you prefer to start playing first7. Play your first song8. When your first track has about 1 minute left and its beat marker at the pinnacle is at identical location as the beat marker for your 2d song, play the second track and the straight away hit Synch. If you don't get the 2 markers in synch, you can press cease on your second song and attempt again till you get it.9. Move crossfader slowly closer to the new song's deck.

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