E.X.O (엑소) Korean Softsongs Playlist 2012-2019

E.X.O (엑소) Korean Softsongs Playlist 2012-2019

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Published: 5 Agustus 2020

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E.X.O (엑소) Korean Softsongs Playlist 2012-2019

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Since yesterday was our Fandom Name Anniversary, I decided to make an entry to celebrate it. 'Coz until now I still feel nostalgic whenever this day comes. From being E.X.Ostans to E.X.Otics until we were finally given our official name--- E.X.OLs♡. So eventhough it's kinda late, I made a compilation of E.X.O's softsongs since 2012 to 2019 to share the good vibes these songs has given me since their release.

I dedicate this to all E.X.O.Ls who stayed, laughed, cried and fought together with E.X.O all these years. Our fandom has been through a lot but I'm so proud to say that we made it this far. THANK YOU and let's keep on fighting and supporting our Kings. We will definitely have our awaited comeback this year. Let's declare it! ♡

I will also make a Chinese playlist so I hope you guys will listen to it too for the songs are as good as the Korean versions.

E.X.O has a lot more eargasm ballad songs but it'll take so much time if I will put all of them in one playlist. So I just selected the ones that are top of my list.
If you like to listen more of E.X.O softsongs, you can visit E.X.O's Official Youtube Channel.
Also, sorry for the description and for all the "dots", I have to put them for copyright issues. Thank You!

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