classic kpop bops!! (2008-2016)

classic kpop bops!! (2008-2016)

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Published: 27 Mei 2019

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classic kpop bops!! (2008-2016)

hey guys!! come reminisce with me!!! this playlist is basically a collection of songs that i’ll personally never get tired of hearing, hope u guys like them too! (and feel free to tell me songs u think are classic bops below!!) also lol i am sorta joking abt freeze but idc its still a bop even if it’s a cringey one. xx
(also there’s a lil disclaimer below the tracklist i’d like u to read if u wouldn’t mind!!!)

00:00 | into the new world - girl's generation
04:25 | if you do - got7
07:56 | again & again - 2pm
12:02 | freeze - block b
15:28 | electric shock - f(x)
18:42 | ringa linga - taeyang
22:30 | manmanhani - u-kiss
26:00 | take a shot - hotshot
29:06 | coup d’etat - gdragon
32:25 | good girl bad girl - miss a
36:04 | growl - exo
39:31 | ah yeah - exid
42:50 | sorry sorry - super junior
46:41 | no more dream - bts
50:23 | 7th sense - nct u
53:57 | ring ding dong - shinee
57:49 | nillilimambo - block b
1:01:15 | whistle - blackpink
1:04:50 | nobody - wonder girls
1:08:23 | haru haru - bigbang
1:12:39 | come back home - 2ne1

DISCLAIMER: so it might be an unpopular choice for me to include bigbang on this playlist because of recent events – however i felt that a playlist of classic kpop songs would’ve been incomplete without them. that being said i want to point out i do NOT excuse//disregard//condone anything seungri has done. this playlist is about kpop history and bigbang are a huge part of that, so many of their songs are iconic and furthermore it would be super unfair to jiyong, daesung, youngbae and seunghyun for all of their work they’ve put into bb for over 10 years of their life to be ignored or cancelled for something they have nothing to do with. i hope you respect my decision on this - but if u don’t wanna hear their song then skip to 1:12:39. love u x

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p.s audio and picture don't belong to me. credit goes to owners