How To Convert Video To Mp3 -- Free Video Mp3 Converter

How To Convert Video To Mp3 -- Free Video Mp3 Converter

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Published: 13 Desember 2017

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How To Convert Video To Mp3 -- Free Video Mp3 Converter

Download our Mp3 Converter Here: How to convert video to mp3 fast, easy, & 100% FREE! So If you need to extract the ambiance, music, sound effect or any audio source from a video, we got you covered.

First things first, you’ll need to install Filmora Video Editor. The free version lets you convert as many videos into audio as you want with no restrictions. So if you don’t have Filmora already go download it FREE in the link above. Also, if you’re new here, don’t forget to leave a comment and join our community!

Ok so once you’ve installed filmora, open it up and import the videos you want to get the audio from by selecting file, import media. (Plays video - water sound) Perfect, this ambience sound is what I need! Ok, add the clip to your timeline by clicking the plus sign here or by dragging the file into the timeline. The only thing left to do is export the mp3 by clicking the export tab at the top and in the new window that opens, to the left select mp3. Click export and there you go, we have a mp3 audio file. If you’re using the free version a window will appear saying you need to register to export videos. But since this is audio you’re exporting, that won’t be a problem! Now all your videos can be audios that you can use in more ways!

Filmora can also convert your videos into a range of different audio and video formats depending on your needs. Ok guys, please humour us. Let us know in the comments the craziest thing you’ve converted into audio! And if you have any tutorial suggestions, we want to know those too. Don’t forget to Like this video and subscribe for more tutorials like this! Thanks for watching guys -- See ya next time!

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