Karna Su Sayang - fingerstyle guitar cover

Karna Su Sayang - fingerstyle guitar cover

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Published: 29 Oktober 2018

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Karna Su Sayang - fingerstyle guitar cover

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Arranged and performed by Igor Presnyakov

ORIGINAL SONG by: Immanuel Andra / NEAR (https://youtu.be/A8wGcIBz9iA)

More info: Igor Presnyakov studied classical music at a nearby academy and would eventually graduate as both a guitarist and a conductor for ensembles. His unique acoustic guitar-style is influenced by various musical genres from Reggae, Rock and Roll, R&B, Country-western, Jazz and Heavy Metal. Igor also rarely sings any of the lyrics to any kind of song that he covers, and instead skillfully translates them into a guitar melody, having his instrument sing the words.