Connie Talbot - Inner Beauty

Connie Talbot - Inner Beauty

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Published: 15 Januari 2015

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Connie Talbot - Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty from the new album "Matters To Me" available now!

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The morning starts like any other
I find myself in front of the mirror
Picking out my imperfections
Scared the world might see
The flaws I see
Should it really matter why does
It mean so much to me
I wish I could believe in inner beauty

I don’t want to be looked
at if you can’t see past all
of my pretty lies
There’s more to this
picture if you look deeper you will
find me behind
These eyes I’m right here behind these eyes

So green’s the colour for the season
But will it change the way I’m
Tell me MrMarharishi what
size is happy

Repeat Chorus

I’m wondering how far
I’ll go to fix myself
I don’t know what will it cost
To put me right
When I’m not wrong on the inside

Repeat Chorus

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Video directed by Oscar May
Make Up Artist: Sarah Rowland

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